Saturday, 8 June 2013

Mundane Midweek

The day was Friday.
 I awoke a bit later than usual due to a late night keeping the rents on their toes. After my usual morning chat with Minnie Daddy turned up to get me changed and ready for breakfast. I had high hopes that Mummy had prepared me a feast of pancakes and bananas again like last Friday but was utterly disappointed when a bowl of less than exciting porridge turned up in its place. 
I should have known at the moment that this would turn out to be a day I wish I had just stayed in bed. 

Daddy didn't leave for work that morning which led me to believe they had something good planned for me, after all, everything they do revolves around me, right? 

We got into the car, ready to set about for a day of fun. 
Unfortunately I must have blacked out in the car as when I awoke again I was being led into some brick building and an hour had just passed by unnoticed. 
My excitement at this great building of rick soon melted away as we walked through the door into a tiny room with two chair and a desk. 
Can you believe it, they took me to an insurance company! 

Luckily I managed to entertain myself slightly (and also annoy the parents) by pulling all the leaflets out of their holder and arranging them neatly on the floor instead. 

For dinner, they took me to a restaurant near our home. 
Now this was surprising since I think Daddy had just about given up trying to take me out to restaurants (I like to make sure everyone knows I have arrived and absolutely hate sitting in those things they call highchairs. Cages if you ask me!).
I got to see and talk to Mee-Maw, Lana and Great Nanna over dinner which was nice. I do miss those people. 
I wonder why they aren't here with us? 

Back home we spent the rest of the afternoon building my Peppa Pig Trike. Well, that's what Daddy did. I tried to entertain myself by rearranging his tool box and trying endlessly to see what each item tasted of. Mummy thwarted each attempt shouting "dirty" and removing the object from my grasp. 

I spent the rest of the night pottering around the house, mainly following Mummy and Daddy around to punish them for the most uninteresting day ever. 

I think I got my message across as I was put to bed quite early that night. I contemplated playing up a bit longer but the call of the pillow was too strong and I soon gave in to the land of nod. 

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  1. I LOVE that this is written in Calleigh's words, literally A Day in the Life of Calleigh! It made me giggle lots!
    Hannah xxx