Monday, 17 June 2013

Poorly Again

Poor little Calleigh is really not having a good time at the moment. After just getting over a cold a couple of weeks ago she has now been struck down by a suspected throat infection. 

It all started last night, about midnight she just burst out crying and screaming. Nothing we tried seemed to comfort her and although she tried, she just wouldn't go back to sleep. We brought her into our bed and took her temperature. At the time it wasn't high even though it felt like you could fry and egg on her forehead. We stripped off her clothes to provide some relief but it didn't seem to make a difference as she kept wincing and looking around the room in fear. 
As a last resort we contacted the emergency helpline who seemed to think it could of been an ear infection and we were told to take her to the emergency room as this had been going on for a couple of hours. 
As we searched for the nearest one to us she fell asleep so we decided to leave her to sleep and see if she was any better in the morning. 

She slept through until about 8am but when she woke not much had changed, she still had a temperature and did not look very well at all. 

I booked into the doctors and an hour later we were sat in the doctors room whilst he did some tests to see if he could find our what was wrong. 
It wasn't an ear infection, or a strep infection but from the look of her throat he told us it was definitely some infection of the throat and prescribed her some antibiotics to fight the infection and ibuprofen to relieve the fever. 

The only place she would have a nap

She has perked up a bit now and is looking much better but the real test will be at bedtime. Here's hoping she has a good night, for her sake and ours. 

Whilst at the surgery I found a leaflet about a handy little app for keeping track of your little ones health and well-being. It called Kid's Wellness and is free to download in the App Store. 
I have used it track what immunisations she has had and also to note what symptoms she is having and what medication she is currently taking. 
You can also use it to track height, weight and bmi and it shows a chart so you can make sure they are on the right track. 


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  2. Poor beans, hope she's feeling better now. That app is pretty impressive x