Monday, 24 June 2013

The Myths of Having a Baby: Part 1

Speaking to a friend the other day about having a baby (not me, them, Calleigh is plenty enough for me to handle) I suddenly got inspired to write about the myths surrounding the topic. 
Before I begin please be aware that these are my thoughts and may not always be the same for everyone. 

Myth 1
Having a baby is expensive
My verdict: Myth
Of course having a baby will cost you extra money, I mean you didn't have to buy nappies and powder before you were pregnant. But I don't think I noticed a dramatic affect on our wallet. 
I think the expense will come when she is older and can ask for things. Right now shes happy with anything, I brought her a Disney bucket for $1 yesterday and she is very happy with that and it didn't break the bank.

Myth 2
You will be okay with poo and sick when it's your baby.
My verdict: Myth
I will never be okay with poo and sick. It's gross and it smells bad, nothing will change that and nothing will make me okay with having to deal with it. The fact of the matter is, that if I don't do it no one else will, so I man up and deal with it. 
I'm not ashamed to admit, before Calleigh was born our nappy changing station was filled with disposable gloves and dust masks. 

Myth 3
You will never be able to do any the things you did before.
My verdict: Myth
Okay, so you can't do everything you did before all of the time, but in some way you won't want to. And when you do want to there is always help available. I'm talking grandparents, aunties, uncles, friends and babysitters. A baby takes up a lot of your time and it's normal to want some time off every now and then to feel like yourself for an hour or two. It doesn't make you a bad parent to leave your kid with a sitter while you let off some steam, it makes you human. 

Myth 4
You will lose all your friends.
My verdict: Myth
This is complete nonsense. Your friends are happy for you, you just had a baby. Don't take it the wrong way if you don't get invited to every get together, they understand you have other responsibilities now and respect that. When you do get invited but can't make it, they will be sad you can't come but won't think bad of you for it. And if you do lose friends because of this, maybe they weren't really the kind of friends you wanted around anyway. 

Myth 5
You will think everything your baby does is cute.
My verdict: Truth!
Everything, I mean everything is cute when it's your baby doing it. 
Calleigh gives me a cuddle- it's cute, Calleigh farts- it's cute, Calleigh pulls a face whilst doing a poo which resembles that of a bulldog licking a thistle- it's cute, Calleigh say's "shit"- it's cute (this is a new problem we have encountered, I don't know where she has picked it up from, we are careful with our language around her, but alas this is her new favourite word). 

More Myths to come soon but for now I will leave you with this little picture of Calleigh saying "cheeeese". 

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  1. I like you more since you had a baby, you weren't really my cup of tea before (joking, of course, I love you)

    Do I know this friend that is thinking baby?