Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Disney's Hollywood Studios and Disney Junior Live

On Monday we went for our first day at a Disney theme park. We chose to go to Disney's Hollywood Studios instead of Animal Kingdom after we found out they did a Disney Junior Live stage show. 

I had planned to get up early and go and have some breakfast before we go but me being me turned off my alarm when it went off at 7 in the morning and instead stayed in bed until gone 8. So we skipped breakfast and headed straight for the park. Our first stop when we got there was to go and see the stage show before it got too busy later. 
We were ushered into the theatre but unfortunately it was quite full so we could only get a seat at the back. It didn't make any difference though, Calleigh could see fine and wasn't in danger of getting knocked over by others. 
As the show started and all of Calleigh's favourite characters came on stage Calleigh's face lit up. Her eyes were glued to the stage for the whole show and I was so impressed to see her playing along and singing and clapping, she even had a little dance. I swear I don't think I've ever cried so much, I was so happy to see her so happy that the tears just came flooding out. 

Calleigh's favourite Disney program is The Little Einsteins but unfortunately due to the release of Sofia the First they seem to have been scrapped from the show. I was quite gutted that Calleigh wouldn't get to see them, she always loves to pat pat along with them. We have also been looking for some Little Einsteins toys but they don't have any, anywhere! Besides spending near $200 for a limited edition Rocket toy on Ebay. 

After the show we went to meet Jake and Handy Manny. Calleigh loved seeing Jake and gave him a big hug and shared a little dance with him. She wasn't so keen on Handy Manny though. 

We stopped for lunch at the Pizza Parlour and walked around the rest of the park whilst Calleigh had a well needed nap. When she woke up she was so hot and sweaty that we decided to call it a day and headed off home. I must say though we had the best day and I will never forget how excited and happy she was. She kept giving us the biggest hugs, a little thank you in her own way. 

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