Monday, 29 July 2013

Magic Kingdom and My Birthday

The morning of my birthday I woke up to hear Paul banging around in the other room of the hotel. As I sat on the bed with Calleigh beans waiting for him to be finished, Paul made his entrance with a cup of tea in hand. 

He invited me into the room and I was amazed to see he had decorated it with streamers and birthday balloons and on the table lay my birthday cards and presents. It was lovely. Thank you to everyone who sent me cards! 

Of course Calleigh was straight in there with the balloons and the confetti. By the time I had finished opening my presents confetti was everywhere and we found out that the dye in it also dyes your skin after freaking out when we saw little pink circles all over calleigh's feet.

Afterwards, as planned, we headed to Disney's Magic Kingdom Park. When we arrived we chose to take the ferry boat across, Calleigh loved looking out the window as we went across the lake. Our first stop was to pick up my birthday badge from customer service. While there we saw Snow White and Marie from Aristocats.
I had dressed Calleigh up in her Sofia dress and everyone commented on how beautiful she looked. And she did, it brought tears to my eyes to see her looking like a little princess.

It was a very hot day again and the sun was shining so when we decided to go for something to eat and were told we had to leave the stroller outside we didn't think much of it and went inside. We had chosen to eat at the new Be Our Guest Restaurant. It was gorgeous, it was like walking into Beauty and the Beast! We had carved Turkey sandwiches with fries and Calleigh and I also had dessert. Dessert was the cutest, tastiest small cake I have ever had.

After we had finished we went back to pick up the stroller, only to find out it had rained, a lot! The stroller was soaking wet. We ended up having to buy a towel to dry it off so Calleigh could go in and have a nap. After the rain had stopped we walked around the rest of the park. Unfortunately the rain had made it so humid it was almost unbearable so we left a bit earlier than planned. 
It continued raining on and off that afternoon so we didn't have chance to do much outside of the dry hotel room. 

That evening we went out for a birthday meal at TGI Fridays. It was gorgeous and Calleigh loved tucking in to my free birthday sundae (two treats in one day!). When we got back that night Calleigh was asleep so we tucked her into bed and then Paul came out with my birthday cake, all lit up with 24 candles. It was carrot cake- my favourite! 

I blew out the candles and Paul and I enjoyed a beer together before joining Calleigh in the land of nod.

Thank you for an amazing birthday Paul!

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  1. Hi! looks like you had a great time, and that's a great dress for the occasion :)