Saturday, 6 July 2013

Munchkin Stroller Organizer Review

When we left England we also left behind the big pushchair. With enough suitcases and bags to take with us anyway the pushchair was just too big and heavy to come along too. So we brought along the small lightweight stroller I brought for our trip to Denmark

As Calleigh is walking more now anyway we didn't see the need to buy another pushchair when we got here and figured the stroller is plenty enough to carry her about when needed. My only problem with it is that it that it doesn't have many features, it's just for pushing, no cup holders and no extra storage for all your bits and bobs you need close to hand when out and about. 

That's when I came across the Munchkin Stroller Organizer and it was the perfect solution to my problem without spending a small fortune on a new pushchair. 

It easily attaches to the handles of any pushchair and has everything you need when out with your little one. A large black mesh pocket for all your babies essentials, a smaller pocket at the top for your items such as keys/phones/cameras, something you want easy and quick access too and two side pockets suitable for holding bottles and cups. 

At only $14.99 it saved us a lot of money on a new pushchair and is perfect for long days out. 

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