Sunday, 28 July 2013

Playing in the Pool

We had a spare afternoon with nothing planned to do and the sun was out so we decided to take Calleigh down for a swim in the pool. As I mentioned before she has recently been showing a new found love of water so we thought she would really enjoy it. 
Well we were not wrong. 

When she saw the pool she ran straight over and kept pointing, indicating that she wanted in and now. At first we sat on the steps paddling our feet in the water. Calleigh began splashing around which drew the attention of another little girl a bit older than Calleigh who enjoyed being part of Calleigh's splash-a-thon.

Eventually when I felt brave enough I held Calleigh in my arms and swam out into the pool. She loved it, playing in the pool and giggling the whole time and trying her hardest to swim off on her own. 

Daddy kept watch of us from one of the sun loungers, amazed to see how much fun Calleigh was having. And I thought it was a blast too, I was so happy to see her splashing around with no fear.

I can't believe that, having a community pool just 5 minutes away from our house, that this was the first time we had tried Calleigh in the water. But now we know we will sure be going down regular and maybe even en roll in toddler swim sessions at our nearest aquatic centre.

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  1. you should definitely take her to the pool, I think it gets harder as children get older to teach them to swim, I'm amazed when adults tell me they can't swim, I think it's something everyone should learn x