Sunday, 25 August 2013

And Then She Turned On Us

So we were all hanging out on the drive the other day, Calleigh and I were doing some artwork on the drive when Daddy decided he should really water the grass (not that it would help at all, it died whilst we were in Florida. Who knew you had to water it so often out here). 

As soon as he got out the hose pipe and pulled it past Calleigh her eyes lit up. 
"Ooooh" She shouted and quickly got up and ran over to Daddy. 

Water really amazes her at the moment, she loves playing in it and really enjoyed running through the mist of water. She was having so much fun and then for some reason Daddy decided to show her how to use it. She caught on quick and before we knew it she was holding it in her hand and squeezing the trigger, laughing uncontrollably every time water squirted out of the hose. 

And that's when she turned on us. 

She quickly turned and aimed the hose, first at Daddy and then at me. Once again laughing as we both ran off in all directions to avoid the jets of water. 

Luckily we could run faster than she could so we managed to remain relatively dry. 

Little monkey! 

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