Sunday, 18 August 2013

At the Park

Calleigh loves going to the park! Her favourite thing at the park is definitely the slide. She has become much more independent, where I used to have to put her at the top of the slide so she can just go down she now enjoys climbing up to it as well. 
She has also become much less bothered by the other children at the park. She used to keep her distance and just stay near Mummy and Daddy but now she's happy to run off on her own. It's great to see her finally relax a bit around other kids. 

The other great thing about taking her to the park is that her speech is coming on really well too. She can say slide, she also says "goooooo" as she slides down it and "weeeee" on the swings. 

Today we are planning on taking her for a picnic at the park and then afterwards going to buy her a slide of her very own so she can have fun in the backyard. 

Unfortunately not every slide down goes to plan. That last photo was taken seconds before she turned to going head first down and subsequently face planting into the sand below. We all ran as we saw it unfold but couldn't get there in time. She was fine and it didn't seem to bother her much but I can't imagine the mouthful of sand was the nicest experience. 

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