Saturday, 3 August 2013

Simple Stroller Rental Review

If you are like me then the last thing you want to be worrying about when going on vacation is fitting the stroller in the car or even remembering to take it along (been there once, it was a nightmare!). So for our trip to Florida I decided to go with renting a stroller for our trip. 
After comparing a few Florida based rental sites, including Disney, I decided on a company called Simple Stroller Rental. 

Simple Stroller Rental

Simple Stroller Rental is a family owned business in Central Florida that was born out of an unfortunate bad experience with another rental company. Because of this they started up their own stroller rental business offering higher quality rentals and better customer service. 

When it came to ordering my stroller online I found it super easy to navigate. There is no need for account registration you just need to fill out a reservation form with your travel dates, hotel address and payment information. Piece of cake. 
I ordered the City Micro Single as that was plenty enough to cart Calleigh in for a week but they also offer a full range of single and double strollers to fit your needs as well as accessories such as a rain cover for a little extra. 

The price of a stroller I had is an initial charge of $15, the rain cover for $10 and the daily fee of only $5 per day. To rent a stroller in a Disney park is $15 per day and they are no where near as comfortable. The great thing about Simple Stroller Rental is that they charge by the day whereas other companies tend to charge on a weekly basis meaning if you only want it for 4 days you still have to pay for the week. 

As you can expect I had my fears- What if the pushchair wasn't there? What if I had to carry Calleigh around for the week? Did I put the hotel address in correctly? All of these thoughts ran through my head but I was pleasantly reassured when, on the morning of our arrival at the hotel, I received a text message confirming that our stroller had been delivered and was waiting for us at the hotel.

When we arrived at the hotel the stroller was indeed waiting for us at reception. Calleigh couldn't wait to get in it and try it out (she has to try everything out, every time we are in Toys R Us she has to do test naps on the cots). The stroller was in perfect condition and very clean, it almost looked brand new. 

Simple Stroller Rental

It was very easy to manoeuvre, perfect for wheeling around people in a busy park and getting it up and down was simple too with a one pull system. Calleigh gave it her full approval the first time we went out in it, she fell straight to sleep! 

Simple Stroller Rental

The rain cover came in extremely useful. One minute it was nice and the sunny, next minute the heavens opened above us. It was really quick to attach and covered the whole pushchair perfectly with no gaps or struggle to pull it over the bottom. Suffice to say we got very wet but Calleigh remained nice and dry. 

After our holiday was over we left the pushchair at the hotel reception for it to be picked up, there was nothing else I needed to do. 
Overall I was extremely happy with the stroller and the service we received and will definitely be using them again come our next trip to Florida. 

For more information visit the Simple Stroller Rental website or connect with them via the 
or find them on Twitter.

A huge thank you to Simple Stroller Rental for providing us with the stroller for this review. If any of my readers are planning a trip to Central Florida for a vacation and would like the peace of mind I had they are offering a 10% discount if you use the code "calleighemma". 

Disclosure: I am participating in a blogger campaign and received this rental free of charge for the purpose of this review. My thoughts are completely my own and are in no way influenced by the brand. I was not compensated in any other way for this post. 


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