Thursday, 12 September 2013

A Package From Home

Calleigh used to love the Peppa Pig magazines in England. They always came with lots of colouring activities and stickers as well as an awesome toy. 
They don't have many magazines like that here, so we have just been buying her colouring books and sheet stickers. 
Yesterday Calleigh received a package addressed to her. It was from Mee-Maw and Auntie Lana and as well as a super cute winter coat it had a Peppa Pig Magazine and a Hello Kitty Magazine. 

Calleigh was at school when it arrived so I opened it and lay out her present on the table for when she got home. As soon as it caught her eye she went running over, smiling all the way. 
Straight away she knew what they were and started showing them to Daddy and I. 

It was so cute. 

We love receiving packages from home. It makes us feel more connected to our family. And Calleigh definitely loves the goodies. 

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