Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Daddy's Day Off

Yesterday was Labor Day here for us which meant Daddy had the day off work. We had planned to take a trip to the zoo but Calleigh fell ill over the weekend and I didn't think she would enjoy it as much as she normally does so we decided to do something else and save the zoo for another day. 

So instead we took a drive to a nearby wildlife park called Lone Elk Park, this is personally one of our favourites as you are always guaranteed to see something and just around the corner is the Wild Bird Sanctuary. 
Whilst driving through we caught sight of a beautiful Elk taking a drink from the lake which also had quite a lot of ducks and geese so we parked up nearby and took a walk down. A kind family gave us a loaf of bread as they were done with it so Calleigh was able to feed the ducks. 

She loved it, ducks and geese were everywhere all around her. Unfortunately she couldn't throw the bread very far so the brave geese kept coming right up to her feet. Daddy was watching very carefully and even helped Calleigh feed one out of her hand. 

Just around the corner the Elk was still there munching in the grass. He was so beautiful and wasn't at all bothered that we were literally feet away from him. We stopped to take in how amazing it felt to be there with him and then moved on.

After we had finished driving around the park we decided to go the the Bird Sanctuary while we were there. It's free to go in and is home to many different species of birds on display. 
Calleigh loves birds and really enjoyed looking at the different birds of prey. Although her favourite definitely seemed to be the Chickens. Probably because you could feed them, which meant she could get her fingers in the cage. We allowed her to do so for a little while until a little chicken became far too interested in Calleigh's finger rather than the food we were throwing in. 

Back at home Calleigh crashed a little bit, her illness and the excitement of the day obviously taking it's toll on her. So I gave her a nice bath whilst Daddy baked some lovely cookie brownies. Afterwards we sat cuddled on the sofa watching the Bubble Guppies Fairytale Adventure before going up to bed. 

We love spending days like this with Daddy. It makes us realise how lucky we are to have this opportunity to live in America. 

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