Monday, 9 September 2013

Playskool Wooden Blocks Review

Calleigh has recently reignited her love with building blocks. She liked to play with them when she was little, however was not very good at stacking them. As we only had a small amount of blocks we decided we should buy her some more so she can really enjoy playing with them. 

We decided on Playskool's wooden blocks as they looked really good and were not expensive. 
The great thing we liked about these blocks is that they are not just your normal ABC blocks. Each side has different letter in lower case and uppercase as well as numbers, maths symbols, animals and you can also build a little house with doors, bricks and windows. 
It also came with a mesh bag so you have somewhere to store them when your child is done playing. 

Calleigh really enjoys playing with them, they are a lot easier to stack than her other blocks as they are a bit bigger and more sturdy. This saves us having to deal with a tantrum when her tower collapses. Every time her tower fell over she would walk over and kick mine too so mine fell (shess so mean). It still happens, but a lot less often. 

They are going to be really great when we start learning more. I will be using them as props to help teach her about letters and numbers as well as Math and English. 

*I am aware that I used an I instead of an L at the end of the word but we only had one L and had to improvise*

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