Monday, 21 October 2013

Calleigh's First Pet

I would absolutely love love love to get Calleigh a pet cat. She loves them so much and I would love to let her grow up with a kitty. Unfortunately we are only renting at the moment and part of the agreement states that we are not allowed pets, so she will have to wait until we get our own digs before she can have one. 

Nevertheless we always like to take her to the pet store so she can have a look at the kittens, she loves it. She also spends a lot of time watching the fish and gets quite excited watching them swim around. On this particular trip we took we ended up buying a fish tank. I don't know how it happened really. Calleigh and I were off looking at the kittens and when we got back to Daddy he was busy picking out a tank. 

And so last weekend we brought Calleigh her first pet, or pets to be exact. We only got a few tropical fish as because we are going back to England over Christmas we are not sure how they will get on and it would be cruel to have a tank full. We are hoping because there is only a few the vacation feeder we buy will last them for the whole time. 

Peek a Boo

Calleigh looks at them every now and again but doesn't seem too interested now they are in our home. Although she did say goodnight to them last night. I on the other hand love them, I watch them all the time, it's so peaceful. 

We will get you your kitty one day Calleigh, I promise, but lets start off small.

*sorry about some of the photo's being blurry Miss Calleigh got hold of my camera and mucked up the lens and also how hard is it to take photos of fish?*

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