Monday, 14 October 2013

Gift Ideas for a Girl's 2nd Birthday


Calleigh's second birthday is now just over 6 weeks away and I already have a super long list of what I want to get her. Listed above are some of the things I am sure of.
This will be very diffrerent to her first birthday. She is much more aware of toys and characters and the choice of toys is much wider than that for a one year old.
She loves to pretend play so the kitchen is a must have. I can't count how many times I've seen her put on the oven gloves and play with the saucepans and pots.
She loves to colour and scribble on things so a little art station will be great to aid with her creativity and also save the furniture a little bit.

I'm really excited to start shopping for things and I can't wait for the day Calleigh gets to open them all. She loves it when she gets packages so I think this year she will really enjoy opening her presents.

As we will be in England for Christmas we are using her Birthday to give her all of the big presents to save us spending a fortune in shipping costs. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing these ideas! My brother's daughter's birthday is coming up, and I have been searching online for the perfect thing to get her this year. One of the things that my brother suggested is a pair of fuzzy slippers, since that can be something that she can wear around the house and be comfortable as well.