Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Hot Dog

On Friday night we all went to a Chilli Cook Off at a Bluebird Park. 
It was great, one of the best little nights out we have had out here. Calleigh was in such a good mood and the whole evening just seemed to go really well. We paid a small sum of $3 each (for Daddy and I) and that got us a taste of each of the Chilli's in the competition. The first one we tried was easily the winner in our eyes, it was by far one of the best I have ever tasted. 
After we had tried all of the Chilli's Paul was still a little peckish so decided to get himself a hot dog to tie him over. Well, so he thought. He ended up just eating the bun as Calleigh took the sausage off him haha. 
I found it hilarious watching Paul eat an empty hot dog roll. 

I had a lovely slice of Homemade Apple Pie which Calleigh left all to me before we headed off to the park to let Calleigh have a good play. She had been so good all night we let her stay for a long time. 
She adores the slide so much its crazy. That is literally all she did for about half and hour. 

It was a bit too dark to take any photos (good ones anyway) and there were far too many kids running around to try to take any. 

I don't think Calleigh was too pleased about the amount of kids that were there. At one point a girl wanted to go down the slide that Calleigh was on until she shouted at her and the poor kid ran off. I think we may have to have the sharing talk some time soon haha. 

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