Thursday, 24 October 2013

Outfit of the Month: Halloween Costume

This month is Halloween so Calleigh's outfit of the month is her Halloween costume. I decided on a kitty costume this year because of her love for cats. The first time we tried it on she loved it, however she doesn't seem so happy about it now (hence the moody face in all the pictures). I shall see how it goes but we may have to do a last minute change if she is still not keen on it for Halloween. Even if she does look incredibly purrfect in it, I don't want her to be upset so if she doesn't want to wear it I wont make her. It will always save for next year. 

I hate it when she puts her legs through the banister like in that last photo. Although it is all my fault because I wanted to see if I could fit my legs through and she saw me doing it. In fact most of the things she does that she shouldn't is because of me.. Like mother like daughter. 

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  1. This dress was awesome and it definitely looked way more expensive than what I actually paid. I would recommend buying it even if you don't have an occasion yet. It's such a good value for the price!