Friday, 4 October 2013

Planning Calleigh's Birthday

I've already started planning for Calleigh's 2nd Birthday now.
Her birthday actually falls on Thanksgiving this year and the celebration will definitely be a little different to her last birthday.
To begin with family obviously won't be able to attend apart from Mee Maw who is flying out to see us again in November (can't wait).
And also Thanksgiving is a massive holiday in America and I can't imagine many places will be open for us to go on the day.

More importantly as she is going to be 2 (can't believe it myself, where did the time go?) and a lot more interested in toys there are lots of things I want to get for her. I already have a big list that only seems to be getting bigger. I probably shouldn't have started looking so early on but time just seems to be flying by and I know that before we know it November will be upon us. She already has a lot of presents hiding away that Auntie Lana and Mee Maw brought when they visited us in August.
We plan to get all her presents in November as knowing me I will end up giving them to her anyway before her birthday.

She is definitely going to be having a Little Einsteins themed party.
She loves those guys.

Unfortunately as Disney don't make Little Einsteins Toys or decorations anymore (thanks for that) it's pretty much going to be handmade by me. I'm not the most creative person in the world but as long as it's got them on I'm sure a two year old won't mind shabby work.

I have already made some things including a banner and some fun cut outs and now just need to sort out balloons and other little decorations to pull it all together. I only really get Wednesdays to do these things as Calleigh goes to daycare.
 Unfortunately you will have to wait until after the day to see them as I don't want to ruin the surprise. I will be posting about how I made them for anyone else that has a hardcore Einsteins fan and wants to make them.

For a birthday meal I will be making a traditional Thanksgiving Dinner (our first one)! Maybe with a little help from Mee Maw.

And as much as I love baking, I will not be making the cake. I want it to look good haha.
 So I will be going to a little Cake Boutique just down the road from us this weekend to talk about cake designs and what I want. I'm really excited about the cake. I don't know why, I just love cakes and cupcakes and think they will really be the centrepiece of the whole day.
Well after the birthday girl that is!

Sneak Preview of one of the decorations!!

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