Thursday, 3 October 2013

Potty Training Progress

We brought a potty a couple of months ago to have around the house ready for when training began. Calleigh knows what it is for but up until recently has shown no signs of wanting to use it yet. We haven't pushed for her to start using it as she is still young and has plenty of time to learn when she is ready to. 

The other week, whilst having a bath I noticed she stood up and was showing her usual signs of doing a number two. With no other option we took her out of the bath and placed her on the potty just to see if she would do it on there. She stayed sat on it for some time and eventually did her business on the potty. I was so proud, we clapped and praised her and she enjoyed the attention (although she was more interested in trying to pick it up- eww).

We thought it may just of been a fluke, an achievement through convenience rather than a sign she was ready to begin potty training. But to our amazement the next day she did it again. Although it took a lot longer this time- poor thing. Again we clapped and cheered, praising her achievement and she clapped for herself too. 

I was beginning to think maybe she was ready to begin training and we should start to take the next steps. Unfortunately since those two times she has refused to go on her potty, taking us back to square one. 
I'm very much okay with this though, as much as it would of been nice to get and early start on potty training I believe it is up to Calleigh when she starts as it will make the process much easier if she is willing.

I don't want to force the matter so for now we will just keep asking if she wants to go on potty and until that day she says yes or gives us the nod we will carry on as we are. I am happy with knowing that she knows what it is there for and has a good idea on when to use it and what to do. 

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