Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Winter Warmers

The weather is getting cooler here in St Louis. 
It's still not cold enough for coats, hats and gloves yet and hopefully wont be until late November. But I thought it was a good time to get Calleigh's winter wardrobe sorted out. Especially for our trip home to England in December. 
I wanted to get clothes that would keep her nice and warm but also look really good too. The Cherokee range at Target has a great selection of clothes that was just what I was looking for and they are good quality and affordable.

Coat/Hat and Gloves

Calleigh actually loved them so much that when I showed them to her she wanted to try them on straight away and spent the afternoon walking around the house with them on bless her.
I can't wait for winter now, shes going to look so good!

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