Friday, 1 November 2013

An Invitation to Photo Mambo

I recently helped out in beta testing a new photo sharing platform called Photo Mambo. 
Photo Mambo works like a digital photo frame that you can send to your loved ones. Once you download the software you can select as many photos as you like and send it out to your family members. They download the frame onto their computer and it displays all your photos in a slide show for them to enjoy every time they turn their computer on. You can add photos to it at anytime and they are automatically added. 

The great thing about Photo Mambo is it is so simple to use and a much better alternative to sending photos via email or bombarding your social media with some photos you want to show your mum. It also saves high quality copies of the photos to their computer so they can use it to print off photos for their album.

With that being said did you know that the day after Halloween is typically the biggest single day for sharing photos?
Family will love to see those pictures of your little goblins and witches all dressed up. And it will be something they can look back on again and again. With Photo Mambo they can!

I had a great experience using Photo Mambo and with the distance that is now between us and the rest of our family it was great to be able to share photos of Calleigh so easily.

So here it is if you would like to give Photo Mambo a try just go here:
This is a great chance to try out this great way to share your photos. This invitation was only offered to the 14 users who helped with the beta test so try it now while you can! I can promise you wont be disappointed. I got a great reaction to it from my family, who loved being able to see the latest photos of Calleigh.

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