Thursday, 7 November 2013

Birthday Presents

I think we have finally finished shopping for Calleigh's birthday. All her presents are wrapped and waiting for the big day on the 28th November. 
I am so unbelievably excited for her birthday it's unreal. We have got her so many good presents I just know she is going to love them! 
Because we will be in England for Christmas and be a bit restricted on what we can buy her (we don't want to spend a fortune shipping huge presents back) we have got most of the big presents for her birthday. 

Birthday Presents

Birthday Presents

I think she is going to be a very busy girl on her birthday! 

There is still so much to do before the day. I still have some decorations to make and the day before we will be putting together her kitchen and table and chairs. We decided not to wrap these as it would be a bit of a waste of paper because they are huge boxes, so we will be putting them out for her out of sight and taking her to them once she has unwrapped all her presents. 

Again so excited!

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