Sunday, 15 December 2013

Going back to England: One More Day!

Today is our last day in St Louis before we leave for our trip home over Christmas. I am really excited to be going home and seeing family, It's all I've been thinking about for the last couple of weeks. I'm looking forward to seeing how everyone reacts when they see Calleigh again, she is such a big girl now and I think most people will be shocked at how different she is from the little girl that left 9 months ago. 
At the same time though I think I am a little sad to be leaving this beautiful place. The snow has been falling and everything is so magical here at moment. We have really been enjoying playing in the snow as you can see from the last two posts and we had another big snow fall yesterday. 

We will be spending most of today and tomorrow morning double checking suitcases and taking down the decorations (such a sad thing to be doing before Christmas but I can't imagine wanting to do it when we get back). The next time I will be posting is when we are back in England, so be prepared for lots of heart warming reunion pictures! 
Also to come is Calleigh's outfit of the month which I think is so adorable. 

Until then I will leave you with some photo's of yesterdays snow. I'm hoping for a smooth flight with no delays so lets cross our fingers and hope that the snow can hold off for a couple of days whilst we get ourselves back to England. 

See you soon England!! 

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  1. Gorgeous photos - that's one impressive snowman!
    Safe flight, hope everything goes well with your trip home :)

    Jess xo