Saturday, 28 December 2013

Hello England! (Better late than never)

Oh my god this post is so much later than I expected it to be. I was really looking to post as soon as we got back to England but we haven't really sat down for longer than 5 minutes since we got back.
The flight home went as well as can be expected. There were no delays with the flight's and everything went smoothly at each airport (even if I did drag them all there 3 hours before our flight took off, oops), although I must admit that travelling with an over-excited, manic 2 year old toddler is a lot harder than travelling with a baby. Calleigh did manage to sleep on the plane but it was nothing like before where she slept almost the whole flight. She spent most of the flight wriggling around, trying to get away and looking behind us at the unlucky passengers who happened to have picked the seat behind the crazy toddler.

When we arrived at Birmingham airport I was so happy to see family there waiting for us and Calleigh was in a really good mood and gave everybody a big smile, which I think meant a lot to them. We were really tired from the flight and photo's were the last thing on my mind so even though I really wanted to get some good reunion photo's, I also wanted to get home and relax so I never took the time to take any. Something that I definitely regret now but never mind.
We are staying at my mums house for the duration of our stay which is good as Calleigh is used to be there from when we used to stay when Daddy went away and it's much better than paying for a hotel.
It has been really amazing being back with family and Calleigh is absolutely loving all the attention she is getting. She settled right in and although she starts off quite shy at first she soon warms up to people and has been having a lot of fun with everyone.

She has spent quite a few nights with Nanna and Grandad, including Christmas Eve night and has been having a great time, she always comes back really happy.
Christmas was amazing and I will be posting about it soon but for now I shall leave it there and hope that I get another five minutes.
We are over the moon about being back in England and spending so much time with family, especially at this time of year. We plan to make the most of every day we have left and make sure that everyone has plenty of Calleigh time!

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