Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year! A Look Back at 2013

Happy New Year everyone! We were thrilled to see the new year in with Family in England.
2013 was a truly amazing and exciting year for us all as a family.
In April we moved from our little home in England, away from our families, all the way to St Louis, Missouri. Calleigh was just 18 months old and was blissfully unaware of how big this move was. She adjusted really well.
You can see more of our journey here.
In May Calleigh started going to Daycare.
In June Calleigh finally called me Mommy for the first time! She also had her very first haircut.
In July we celebrated our first ever 4th of July, my Birthday and we took Calleigh to DisneyWorld in Florida.
In August family came out to visit us. We had so much fun spending time with family and showing them around our new home.
In October we went Pumpkin picking and celebrated our first American Halloween by taking Calleigh trick or treating.
In November Calleigh turned 2 years old and we celebrated with Mee maw who had come back to see us again. I also used this month to post my birth story.
In December we enjoyed playing in the snow in St Louis before flying back to England to visit family.
And that's where we are now.
We have 6 more days left here until we fly back home. I am excited to take Calleigh to London on Thursday to see my friend Charlotte. I have missed that girl! We will also be running around between family to make sure we see plenty of everyone in these last days.
I am very much looking forward to what next year has in store for us. Hopefully we will become permanent residents of the USA and have plenty more adventures to new places!


  1. Great post! Hope you're having a great time in the UK. Happy New Year!! x

  2. I love your blog