Thursday, 9 January 2014

A Quick Update and a Short Goodbye

Well what a couple of days we have had! 
I woke up in the early hours of Tuesday morning (the day we were set to fly back to St Louis) quite ill. By the time morning came around I was feeling a bit better and ready to set off home. Then Calleigh woke up and threw up, aah! We dealt with it as best we could and then headed off to the airport. By the time we got there she had stopped being sick thank god. 
The flight went well and we only had a short delay in Newark. 

When we arrived back in St Louis we went to claim our bags, only to find that Calleigh's suitcase failed to make it back with us. It had all of her clothes and Christmas presents in so I was really gutted and worried. We were told that it would fly over on another flight and we should get it delivered to our house soon. 
Little did we know that that was the least of our problems. 

When we arrived back to our house we walked in the door and it was absolutely freezing, 28 degrees Fahrenheit! All the pipes had frozen and even the toilet bowls were frozen solid. It was a nightmare. We managed to get the heating back on and hoped that heating the house up slowly would save the pipes from bursting. Unfortunately that didn't happen and water began poring out of the pipes, flooding the basement and the utility room. At that point we managed to turn the water off and Paul decided it would be better if Calleigh and I stayed in a hotel that night. So we quickly packed up our bags and went to the Wildwood just down the road. 

We had a great nights sleep and Calleigh seemed much better in the morning. Paul picked us up in the morning and we headed back to the house, it was now lovely and warm and we stayed in until a plumber came out to fix the pipes. Calleigh had so much fun playing with all her toys all day. 

After the plumber had finished with the pipes where the water came leaking out he turned the water back on, only to find out that there was now water leaking through the ceiling and he feared there was a lot more damage than we first thought. So we faced another night without water until he could come back the next day. 

After that bombshell we seriously thought things couldn't get any worse. And that's when Calleigh became sick again, all over our bed! I was extremely worried about her because she was irritable and very tired. Shortly after cleaning her up (as best we could without a bath!) she fell asleep on the sofa and we took her up to bed. Shaking with worry and feeling a bit ill myself I went to bed too and hoped that the morning would be better. 

We took Calleigh to the doctors today to ease my worry and he seems to think she is fine and the sickness is just due to some mucus a the back of her nose. At least that was one less thing on my mind. 
Back at home the roof started leaking again, so we rang the plumber who said it may be worth getting in touch with a contractor instead. We are still waiting to arrange a time for someone to come round and assess the damage but I am trying to stay hopeful that this problem will all be sorted soon. 

I do however have some good news to tell, Calleigh suitcase turned up safe and sound with everything all still there! 

With all this being said, I'm sure you can understand that until the house is fixed and Calleigh is back to her usual self again I will not be writing any new posts, even though I have lots to write about I just feel that my time is better spent sorting out the house and attending to Calleigh. 
I'm really hoping it wont take too long! 


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  2. I saw your tweets about some of these things and felt really bad for you, especially with all your family back in the UK. I am really glad to hear that Calleigh is feeling better and that her suitcase turned up, what a relief! Hopefully the damage to your house isn't too bad, my fingers are crossed for you. Stay warm and take care, Hannah xx