Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Back Home

We have now been back home just over a week and things are finally starting to settle down a bit. Calleigh has gone back to daycare today and I will be spending the day giving the house a well needed clean and tidy up. The problem we had when we arrived back home (you can read about it here) has now pretty much been sorted and it's starting to feel like home again here. 

Calleigh has settled well back into a routine, although she is still waking much earlier than usual. She also seems to be having some sort of growth spurt, she has literally not stopped eating these past couple of days. It's really good to see though as she did go off food a bit a while back, so I'm happy that shes now eating well again. Her stomach also seems to have settled down as we have had no more "accidents" since last Wednesday night. 

She does appear to be missing her family a bit though, she is always pretending to be on the phone to Wa Wa (Lana) and Jack (Nanna's Dog) and she loves to see and stroke kitty on Skype. But being back with all her toys seems to help. 

Since we got back I jumped straight into the thing I have most been looking forward to.. Updating Calleigh's room. All her furniture and other bits and pieces have been ordered and we are just waiting for them to arrive. I'm really excited to give Calleigh her own big girl room! 

I will be writing about our time in England, so look out for that to come soon! 

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