Friday, 31 January 2014

Calleigh's New Toddler Bed

Calleigh finally has her own little toddler bed. We knew hat once we got back from England we were giving her room a little makeover (more to come on that soon) and one of the things I was most excited about getting was a toddler bed. 
She had been in her crib since she was 6 months old and although she slept incredibly well in it, the time had come to move her on to a bed of her own. 

The bed itself is perfectly designed with toddler's in mind. It is just inches from the floor so if Calleigh happens to roll in the night the fall will not hurt. It's also really good because she can get herself in and out of bed when she pleases. This is more of a good/bad thing. 
It's good because it gives her a lot more freedom. When she wakes up she can get herself out of bed and come to the door and shout for us or she can play around with her toys for a bit first. It's only really bad at bedtime. Before it was easy to get her to sleep as she had no choice, she was in her cot with no way out of it. But now bedtime is a bit of a free for all. She goes to bed, she gets out and fetches a toy or a book and goes back to bed, she then gets out again to fetch something else and so on and so on. Before you know it you've been up there an hour, all her toys are out and Calleigh is still no closer to going to sleep. 
It' a work in progress, she is getting better. 

I am so happy that she is in her bed now, it really makes me feel like shes grown up. I've gone up after a nap to hear her playing in her room by herself and it really just makes you feel good! 

Calleigh loves it too! She loves running over to her bed, climbing under the covers and giving us a big yawn before pretending to go to sleep. It the cutest thing!