Monday, 27 January 2014

England.. Part 2

After Christmas had been and gone we spent our remaining time in England enjoying some "us" time as well as regularly visiting family. Calleigh loved playing with Auntie Lana and finally warmed up to Mike, which was nice to see. She still spent a lot of her time chasing the cat and sneaking mee-maws Christmas chocolates. We had a few good trips down to our local tea shop Anderson's too. Their tuna and cucumber sandwiches are my favourtie!

We took Calleigh to feed the geese at a nearby nature reserve, which we also took her to when she was a baby. She really does love geese and had fun throwing food to them. That was until a swan turned up and started pecking at daddies feet. It freaked her out a little bit and from then onwards didn't want to be put down. She also then spent the rest of the day asking daddy if his feet were okay. So cute!
Paul and I enjoyed a few Calleigh free nights together, including New Year's Eve, whilst Nanna and Grandad enjoyed lots of Calleigh time and night time cuddles. She went with Nanna and Grandad to a party and they also took her out for a day in a kids play area.

I also managed to go down to London to catch up with my good friend Charlotte of Charlotte's Web. We spent the day chatting and catching up whilst walking around Harrod's. We also enjoyed some food in the cutest little pub and it was really nice, even if they didn't have the pie. I had a really good time!

The night before we were set to go home we went down to our local pub to say goodbye to our friends. Calleigh had a great time and enjoyed getting all of the attention! 

It was really sad saying goodbye to everyone again and we will miss them all so much. But hopefully it wont be for long and family will come out to visit us. 
I'm really looking forward to a few family visits this year!! 

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