Thursday, 16 January 2014

England.. Part One

We really enjoyed being back in England. Spending so much time with our families was great and Calleigh loved all the attention! 
When we first landed it was a bit of a mad rush to go and see everybody, we were a bit jet lagged but wanted to at least show our faces to people we hadn't seen in 9 months. Calleigh settled well back in Mee-Maws house and loved staying there. I think that was mainly to do with Kitty. She loved that cat, although I'm pretty sure the feeling wasn't mutual. Whilst Calleigh would spend all day running around after her, shouting kitty, pulling at her, throwing things at her and emptying a whole packet of treats into her bowl, the cat spent her days running away, hiding, hissing and getting fat eating far too many treats. When Calleigh was asleep however the relationship changed and kitty would sit herself near to Calleigh and take a little nap herself. It was really great to see! 

Sneaking up on Kitty

Both having a nap together

Trying to get a sneaky stroke

Kitty needed a check up

We went out for lots of meals and Calleigh spent a lot of time with Nanna and Grandad as well as round her Great Nanna's! 

Playing with the toys from the crackers

She acquired a liking for Brie

Showing Great Nanna the Calender she brought her for Christmas

At least one of them was looking (this was the best I got haha)

Loving her Balance Bike round Nanna and Grandads

We also spent some time in the pub to see our friends from the village and Calleigh was also able to spend some time with Grand Pops when he came up to visit. 

Trading her Do Do for Grand Pops glasses

Having a ride


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