Thursday, 30 January 2014

Storage Ideas for a Tidy Toddler Room

Keeping things tidy when you have a toddler is near impossible. If its not all over the floor its usually just rammed out of sight somewhere. And all of those precious memories in a box or on a high shelf out of reach of wandering hands.

It doesn't have to be a nightmare to keep things tidy or to save those important items somewhere safe and secure. Below is two simple and cute storage ideas to keep your toddler room tidy and looking good at the same time.

Keeping Memories Safe

These gorgeous Fairy Tale storage books are a super cute way to keep those precious items safe. They look just like books so no one will know any different. You can find these on These ones in particular are perfect for a little girls room but they also do a more neutral set which would look great in a boys room.

Keeping things tidy

Kids have so much stuff its hard to find places for everything. I am constantly struggling to find places for Calleigh's toys. The big ones are no problem but its the tons and tons of little toys she has. One neat way to keep them all in one place- Storage Baskets!

I got these plain white baskets and also added a personalised liner- that way I knew what was in which box and they added to the design of the room. 

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  1. Have always had a great experience with storing my stuff. The guy at the facility whose name I don't know, have always been friendly, professional and keep the place immaculate.