Friday, 21 February 2014

Accidents Happen

We have encountered a little problem at the moment. Calleigh adores having a bath, she loves to splash about and play with all her bath toys, in fact our biggest problem at bath time is usually trying to get her out of it! Well that was our biggest problem up until just recently. 

The other night whilst enjoying a bath Calleigh had a little "accident" and it really really affected her. It's been almost a week now and we are still struggling to get her back to enjoying the bath. She doesn't want to go in and when we put her in she just cries and cries and wants back out again. It really is breaking my heart to see as bath time is was one of her favourite things!

I really don't now what could be causing her to react so badly like this. She is quite a clean child and I know she doesn't like dirty things but she knows we have cleaned the bath and that it' not going to happen again.

I think I'm going to try and get her some new bath toys at the weekend to see if that ill bribe her back in, it worked last time and that was when she was afraid to go in. I'm really missing seeing my little sea monster splash about and have fun!

If anyone has any ideas on what I could try, maybe this has happened to you before, or just anything that might help please let me know!!

I need to see her like this again!

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