Monday, 24 February 2014

A Taste of Spring and A Long Walk

We had a lovely weekend here and we just had to make the most of it. And what better way than taking a hike through nature. 
We are lucky enough to live in such a beautiful area with lots of interesting nature trails. 
We got ourselves up bright and early Saturday morning a picked the hike we wanted to do. It was called the Lime Kiln Trail and it was 3 1/4 miles through the trees and high up above the ground. It did get a bit treacherous at times but nothing my little mountaineer couldn't handle. She did really well and walked a lot of it herself. She absolutely loved climbing up the rocks and listening to the bird songs then trying to spot them with her binoculars. 

My favourite photo of the day. Calleigh taking a break on a fallen tree. 

Having a rest before heading back down

As fun as it was by the time we got to the home stretch (which luckily was a flat walk) we were extremely knackered. We had climbed 800ft over 2 miles and coming back down wasn't as easy as we thought it would be, especially as, by that time, Calleigh didn't want to walk anymore and we took turns carrying her. 
As soon as we got back to the car Calleigh literally fell asleep instantly. 

The log we crossed to get back on the trail

Nevertheless we plan to do this more often and do different trails each time. 

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