Monday, 24 March 2014

A Chilly Trip to the Zoo

Today has been one of those really great days that make me really happy to be here! 
It's been a bit chilly, the warm weather that we had in the past week has taken off but it didn't stop us from having a good day. 
We decided this morning that we would take Calleigh to the Zoo for the day. She loves looking at all the animals and she really needed a fun day out that was just for her. 
She had a great time, we all did! 

When we first got there it was still pretty cold even though the sun was shining. I found it so amazing when I saw the ice on one of the trees by the fountains. It was so thick and beautiful!

The reptile house was great but I think the animals scared Calleigh a little bit. In all the programs she watches snakes and crocodiles are always portrayed as "the bad guys" so she kept saying that they were going to get her. 

One of Calleigh's favourite places is the primate house. She loves watching them crazy monkey's! 

The butterfly house is always a good experience. All the beautiful butterflies flying around your head. You just can't beat it. I'm still waiting for one to land on Calleigh to see how she reacts. 

St Louis is 250 years old this year so there are a lot of celebrations going on. One of the things they are doing is placing these cakes in some of St Louis's most iconic attractions. We are hoping to get around and see most of them this year, so far we have only seen 3 but we plan to hunt for a lot more once the summer comes! 

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