Thursday, 20 March 2014

Family Time

It's really important to me that we spend time together as a family at the weekends. 
Obviously we are always together but during the week things can get in the way or there on things on our mind that distracts one (or both) of us from Calleigh and each other. Sometimes it can feel as though we wake up, Paul goes to work, we eat and then go to bed again. In fact it has been feeling like that quite a lot during this never ending winter. 

So on the weekends we always make sure that we do something together. Whether it's going for a hike, having a picnic, going out for a meal or even just a trip to the mall. 
This week we had a particularly good time. We were all in a really good mood thanks to some nice weather finally showing it's face. So we went out for a meal at a place called Indigo Joes.
It's a family restaurant and sports bar and was the first place we went to when we came here on our first visit 2 years ago. We really like it in there and Calleigh loves that they have an arcade section. We actually have so many of the rubber balls from the grab machine it's unreal.. They are everywhere in our house!

It was quiet in there which was nice as Calleigh could play about a little and go the arcade bit whenever she wanted until dinner arrived.
We had a lovely time and enjoyed some great food!

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