Thursday, 27 March 2014

Hello Play-Doh

Last time we went to Toy R Us I decided to buy Calleigh some Play-Doh to see what she thinks of it. I have never been a fan of it to be honest. From the short time I spent working at a nursery I came to only two conclusions when it comes to play-doh.

1. It gets everywhere you don't want it to! 
2. For some reason children just want to eat it- all the time!

However, they always loved to play with it and got really excited when it was brought out and I couldn't take that pleasure away from Calleigh just because I dislike the stuff. 

I picked up a little Minnie's Boutique set which came with two tubs of play-doh and some Minnie and bow cutters.

The first time Calleigh saw it all laid out on her table her eyes lit up! She loves to play with new things. This was also the first time Daddy had experienced play-doh too so he was more than excited to try it out!

She had so much fun and kept shouting "Calleigh make bows!" it was so cute! Although it did get everywhere as I thought it would do and of course she had the obligatory taste test, luckily she didn't quite fancy the taste of it and hasn't tried again since.

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