Thursday, 6 March 2014

Home-Made Treasure Chest

One of the programmes Calleigh likes to watch on Disney Junior is Jake and the Neverland Pirates. We recently brought her a Jake Spyglass and she loves going around the house, following her map, searching for the treasure. Only problem was we didn't have any treasure to find. 

So whilst we were out in a craft store I picked up a wooden treasure chest, some paint and some star stencils and decided to make one for her. 

I was really simple to do. Just a couple of coats of paint, I used a light beige colour because I wanted the pink stars to stand out. Then use the stencils to either paint or spray on your chosen design. I wanted to keep it simple so just opted for a few stars.

I'm really impressed with it and now Calleigh has her very own treasure chest which she loves! She dances around it with Jake and crew when they count their gold doubloons. I did want to buy more gold doubloons for her but after the incident on the video below I decided I had enough to pick up off the floor. 

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