Monday, 21 April 2014


I hope everyone had a lovely Easter. 
We sure did! 
Calleigh really enjoyed her Easter Egg Hunt in the morning (and having chocolate for breakfast). I hid the eggs around the house the night before and all the clues inside led her to her basket. She was really happy with what was in her basket but took most interest in the mini magnifying glass. 

As an added bonus it was a really beautiful summer day here so we got to play outside too and she learnt how to pedal her bike (this is coming on another post so look out for that!).

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  1. these pictures are BEYOND ADORABLE! I also love the little snatches I can see of her room, so much pink cuteness. She looks absolutely thrilled!

    I'm glad to see you are blogging still (I had found your other blog first) I'm wondering, did you ever find a car? how are things going? Hugs!