Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Riding a Bike

As it was such a lovely sunny day on Easter Sunday we decided to let Calleigh play outside. 
We have just finished painting the decking (getting it all ready for summer) so we had to play out on the front. It gave her a lot more space to play and the roads are always quiet, so we decided to let her have a go on her new toddler bike. She has only played with it inside at the moment and hasn't quite got used to pedalling it herself yet so this was the perfect opportunity to try and show her how. 

We had so much fun and she did so well! It wont be long now until she's able to fully ride on her own. 
You can also see on the photo's that she has a band aid on her knee. She feel over the other day outside and got her first little knee graze. So I ran to the store to get her some Dora plasters. 
She loves it! 

Here's a video of her riding her bike :-) 

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