Thursday, 3 April 2014

The Chair Trick

Calleigh has learnt that by moving her chair around the house and climbing on it she can now reach everything, I mean EVERYTHING.
We would put things we didn't want her to have and things she really shouldn't play with on high shelves or in high cupboards thinking they would be safe there. And they were for a while, but alas, Calleigh has yet again found a way around it!

I now have to constantly keep my eye on her to make sure she's not climbing up something or onto somewhere. I have found the chair in some of the strangest places around the house.

It's not all bad though, some good has come of this new trick. The other day I was washing up and had to run to the loo. When I came back I found Calleigh standing on her chair in front of the sink and just as I was about to tell her to get down I noticed that she was actually washing her bowl! I was amazed. She had even thrown away the food left over beforehand.

Now that's one clever little girl! 

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