Tuesday, 20 May 2014

An Explanation and a Giveaway!

I haven't posted anything on here for a while. The main reason for this being that my mum is here visiting again so we are spending some quality time with her and making sure she has a good visit! 

The second reason being that we have just started potty training and it is going rather well. It took us a while to get Calleigh to  be okay around the  potty, for some reason she developed a little fear of it and would scream and cry at the very mention of the word. In just a few short days she has gone from that to actually sitting and staying on the potty until she ha done her business. She now tells me when she needs to go and we have had some really great progress! Of course it hasn't been without it's accidents, which is why I have been concentrating my attention on her and her new mission, if you will. I find that if we are not giving her attention she doesn't think to tell us before she needs to go but rather afterwards.

I will post more on our potty training progress at later time but for now would just like to say how much we are enjoying having my mum here with us again!
I really love having her here and Calleigh is loving it too!

We have also been away this weekend to Branson and had a great time and have also planned another weekend trip to go to the Lake of the Ozarks so I will be sure to post about them very soon! I have a lot of catching up to do!

Until then I have put together a little giveaway to keep you going until I can get more posts up. I thought it would be a nice way to make up for the lack of posts and give you the chance to win some goodies!

The winner will receive:

  • 1 Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Limited Edition "Our Little Prince" Gift Set which includes 2 x 90floz/260ml Bottles and 2 x Pacifiers 0-3 months.
  • 1 Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Limited Edition "Our Little Prince" Feeding Bottle (90floz/260ml)
  • 1 Huggies Clutch and Clean Refillable Wipes Holder (32 wipes included)

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Open to US Residents only. Giveaway will run for 1 week from 05/20-05/27. All Entries are optional, the more you do the more chance you have of winning. All entries will be verified! Upon successful verification the winner will be emailed and they will have 48 hours to claim or a new winner will be chosen. The email will come from r.eaton1989@gmail.com. This giveaway is from me to my readers and is not sponsored  by any of the brands. 

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