Saturday, 31 May 2014


A couple of weekend's ago we took Calleigh and my mother on a short trip to Branson, Missouri. It's just under a 4 hour drive away from where we live and we had heard lots of good things about it! 
We left nice and early on Saturday morning and set out on our four hour journey. We planned a stop in Springfield so that Paul could go and see the Bass Pro Shop Headquarters. We did well for time and arrived at our hotel a bit earlier than planned. Calleigh had a good nap and was overall really good in the car. I think it helped that she had Mee Mee back there to play with her!

We stayed in a place called Grand Country Inn which is on the main strip in Branson and it had everything pretty much on our doorstep!

The first thing we did at the hotel, after dropping off our bags and freshening up, was to book our seats in the Amazing Pet Show for Sunday morning. After that we went to grab some lunch before heading out in the car to check out the main strip. 

We had a great time taking Calleigh around the Hollywood Wax Museum! She loved it at first and was always running up next to the wax models and posing for photos. It was only when we reached the Horror room that Calleigh didn't like it anymore. Mee Mee took her down the elevator to avoid the room but the damage was kind of already done as she had heard the spooky music and it just scared her. After that my Mum and I went on a 5D ride called the Castle of Chaos. It was okay, I suppose you could say it scared me a little, especially when the air shot into the back of my neck, (I hate that!) but I wouldn't pay for it again. It was very short and I didn't really get what was going on, it just span us around and blew air on us! 

After that we took a drive down and parked up near Branson Landing and had a walk around. It was a lot quieter and very pretty. Calleigh loved the water and had fun running around! She also had a blast on the horse ride outside one of the shops!

The rest of the night we spent around the hotel. We ate pizza, played in the games room and then went back to the hotel room for an early night. The next morning we took Calleigh to see the "Amazing Pets" show. I really enjoyed it and Calleigh loved watching the cats walking on tight ropes. She wasn't too bothered about the dogs but she did love it when one of them dressed up as Batdog! She still runs around shouting duh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh batdooooog haha it's so funny.
Unfortunately I couldn't take any pictures of the pet show as it wasn't allowed :-(

We had such a great time all together, even though we only had one night there. As soon as we got back we booked a trip to the Lake of the Ozarks the very next weekend as it was Memorial Day weekend! Look out for that coming soon! 

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