Monday, 5 May 2014

First Taste of Summer

Firstly I just want to say how incredibly happy and blessed I feel to have this gorgeous little lady as my daughter! Just look how happy she is and it is such a pleasure to watch her growing up!

This weekend the weather has been amazing, a serious taste of summer and we have been making the most of it. Hopefully it's going to stick around for a while as I'm not ready for all this fun to end! Plus my mum is coming out for her visit on Tuesday and it will be awesome if the weather stayed like this for her!

On Saturday we decided to put up the pool we brought last year and finally get some use out of it. Calleigh was having a nap at the time which was good as it took absolutely ages to fill (and we only filed it halfway!). When she got up she was so surprised to see the pool there and couldn't wait to get in. She ran upstairs to go and get her swimming costume on. Unfortunately, it was last years and she had outgrown it a little. I also didn't have any swim diapers but figured it would be okay with a normal one. 

I was very wrong about the diaper, it exploded and all the filling came out everywhere. Don't really know why I thought it would be okay but we did have a little laugh at the fact she looked a bit like Kim Kardashian. After I got her out and changed we sat down for some dinner from the BBQ for the first time since last year. It was amazing! 
Best part- When Calleigh ran outside and saw her exploded diaper on the floor and scream "Oh No! My Panties have broken!"


We had another great day on Sunday and spent more time in the pool, after we had been out and brought her some swimming diapers and a new Dora costume.

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