Monday, 23 June 2014

Big News

On Thursday last week we took the leap and started toilet training Calleigh and I am so proud to announce that in just 2-3 days she has mastered it and is now officially toilet trained!

Well done Calleigh!

I could not be any happier with how she took to this. I'll admit the first day did not go so well, we had a lot of accidents and it really seemed like this wasn't going to be easy but then the second day she woke up and just amazed me. Every time she just went straight away and did it, even going for a number two didn't phase her! 

I will post a more in depth post on this about how we started and what we did and some tips we found really useful! 

There is still some more training to do, we tried her without the diaper at night but I don't think she is quite there yet. She is quite a heavy sleeper and she just wasn't waking up to go in the night and woke up very wet in the morning. 
She also has trouble going in public toilets. She never had any accidents whilst we were out and did tell me a couple of times that she needed to go for a wee but just couldn't go. She held it in until we got home and then went straight when we got in. 

Look out for my next post for some great tips for potty training in just 2 days!

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