Monday, 9 June 2014

Lake of the Ozarks.

After our fun trip to Branson we decided to take another one. It was Memorial Day weekend and there was a great offer on a hotel right on the Lake of the Ozarks- somewhere we have wanted to go for a while now. So of course we booked it and this time for two nights so we had more time to explore!

The drive went well and we got to the hotel in good time. The hotel we stayed at was called Tan-Tar-A and it was a big resort right on the lake with it's own marina and Indoor Water Park!
 After we checked in and dropped our bags off at the room we took a quick walk around the grounds of the hotel before stopping for some dinner in the resorts Big Bear Lodge Restaurant. After dinner we let Calleigh have a pay in the games room and then had a beer on the deck before taking Calleigh to the little in ground park to have a run around.

That night we also rented a golf cart to ride around in for an hour. It was so much fun, even if it did feel like we were going to tip over around every bend!

The first night was great and we even had time to take Calleigh for a quick swim. Unfortunatey didn't get any photo's of that as I didn't take my camera along.

The next day we went out of the resort and had breakfast at Golden Corral and I had an unfortunate encounter with bacon candy (eurgh!). After that we did some shopping at the Osage Beach Outlets.
After that we drove around hoping to see the Ozark Caverns but they were closed so we found somewhere else instead where we stopped for a bit and watched the geese and ducks.

After that we went back to the resort and hung out by the pool for a bit but it was too hot to stay for very long, I could feel myself burning, so we headed back to the room and got changed ready for the firework display.
We decided to watch the fireworks from the deck of the Big Bear Lodge which was a great idea as it was practically empty and we got there nice and early so had plenty of time to play!

Calleigh didn't stay for too long for the fireworks, the bangs still frighten her a little bit so she went to the games room with Daddy. The show was amazing and it was the perfect end to a perfect weekend! 

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