Saturday, 26 July 2014

Memphis: Part One

This last week we took a trip to Memphis for my birthday and it was a really really good one! 
We decided to drive down as it's only 4 hours away from where we live. We left early Tuesday morning and had a steady drive, stopping a couple of times for breakfast and to let Calleigh stretch her legs. We tried to see if she would go to the restroom but she wouldn't go in public still. We had no accidents though so that was good. 
We arrived at our hotel about 1pm and were able to check in. The first night we stayed in The Westin Memphis on Beale Street. It was really, really close to everything we wanted to see there and the Fed Ex Forum and Gibson Guitar factory were literally on the door step! 

After checking in and dumping our stuff in the room we tried to get Calleigh to go to the toilet but she still wouldn't go. As it had been almost 5 hours since she last went we decided the best thing to do would be to put her in a diaper to save any accidents whilst we were out. 
We headed straight to Beale Street and took a walk down. It was really cool. Lots of music shops, restaurants and bars and I finally got to see Jerry Lee Lewis' Honky Tonk Cafe. 

After a walk we decided to stop for some food and we went to Hard Rock Cafe. I got my Hard Rock Memphis T shirt and we had a awesome burger and Calleigh also managed to give herself a black eye by falling off her chair. Luckily it faded after a short while and wasn't so bad. We headed back to the hotel to relax for a bit after all the food and then took another walk down Beale Street as there was a car show on. We stopped in Jerry Lee Lewis' and had a drink whilst Calleigh had a nap and then decided to head back to the hotel for the night as not many places will let children in at night. 

The next morning was my birthday!! Calleigh woke me up shouting Happy Birthday Momma and handed me my cards and presents. We opened them on the bed together. I got some really lovely presents and was really happy with them all and thank you to everyone who sent me a card :-) 
We then got dressed ready to head out to our next hotel- Elvis Presley's Heartbreak Hotel!!
I wore the beautiful dress Paul got me for my birthday :-) 

The party hats were mandatory! 
To see what we did on our next day at Graceland click here.

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