Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Outfit of the Month: August

This months outfit is this gorgeous Frozen inspired Tutu! I actually won this and the necklace in a giveaway and it's handmade from Dazzling Diva Designs.
I absolutely love it!
It's so beautifully made and gorgeous. The detail is astonishing and it is of such high quality, I know it will last a long time and be a favorite of Calleigh's.

Calleigh loves it too, she calls it her special Anna dress and thinks it's very special. As soon as I put it on she started dancing around telling me she felt just like a princess.
I feel so very lucky to have won and I'm sure Calleigh will treasure this way after she has outgrown it.

You can shop more Tutus on the Dazzling Diva Designs website. She really has an awesome talent and there a some truly gorgeous Tutus to choose from!

White t-shirt- Next
Necklace- Also Dazzling Diva Designs

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