Tuesday, 12 August 2014


This summer hasn't been nearly as hot as last year in St Louis, or the year before that. As much as I do love the odd hundred degree day it's been a lot better with lower temperatures as we have been able to play outside more and for longer without getting too hot and sweaty. 

Below are a few photos from some of our best summer days.

Getting the pool out in May

A BBQ in May

Enjoying an ice lolly on a hot day in July

Playing at the park on July 4th

Ice cream on July 4th

Playing with water in July

Getting splashed by Daddy in July

We also visited Branson, Lake of the Ozarks and Memphis this summer and had a great time at each place. It's been a really good one! I know summer isn't really over just yet but it kind of feels like it is. We will be heading back to England for a visit in 4 weeks and by the time we get back fall will be almost here and we will be looking forward to Halloween (which I cannot wait for, my favorite season!).

Hope you all had a great summer too!

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