Thursday, 2 October 2014

Our Trip to England

Let me start this off by saying we took a slightly different route this time. We took a direct flight from Chicago to Heathrow instead of the two planes we usually take to Birmingham.
The drive to Chicago took 5 hours but it was a really nice and relaxed drive we took at our own pace instead of rushing around in a airport so that was really good!
Once we boarded the plane we were a bit disappointed with the fact that the plane wasn't as well equipped as the one we were used to. The TV screens were tiny and there wasn't anywhere to charge our phones to which we were told that is only for business class blah blah- nice for them to put us in our place. We felt we aid extra for premium seats for no reason at all- the other plane we usually get has everything in a premium cabin seat- big TVs, a much bigger film choice and somewhere to charge our devices.
Apart from that the flight went really well, it was overnight so we all managed to get a little sleep before landing, although we didn't have much else to do other than squint at the TV screen.
Once we landed we were hit with the chaos that is Heathrow- why in the world did we think it was a good idea to fly into Heathrow! It took us nearly 2 hours to get out and pick up our rental car and then we got stuck in all the roadworks on the M1- nightmare!

Anyway- on to the holiday!

We spent our first night all together in a hotel and then Calleigh and I spent the following nights at my sister's house. Calleigh loved staying there and was very happy with her special Peppa Pig bed and all her toys to play with there. Calleigh and I both got a little ill on Saturday morning which I just put down to the travelling as we both made a full recovery by that afternoon.
On Sunday Lana, Mike and my Mum took Calleigh to the Zoo- which of course she had a great time- and then we met up later for a meal.

On the Monday we decided to take Calleigh to the seaside for a couple of days and stayed at Mee-Maws caravan. Calleigh absolutely loved it! She loved playing on the beach and in the amusements (which she called instruments)! She had lots of fun on the rides and we had such a nice relaxing time staying in the caravan.
Calleigh was so good the whole time- bar a few tantrums when it got a bit too cold to stay on the beach!

The best thing about visiting home is of course spending time with family and friends and we did plenty of that during our stay. I will post more about that in the next post so keep and eye out for that.

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