Friday, 3 October 2014

Our Trip to England: Family Time

As mentioned in the previous post about our trip to England we most enjoyed spending time with family.
Calleigh absolutely loved being there and having so many people to play with and she was so good. I was so proud of how well she responded to everyone and how well behaved she was. It was such a pleasure to hear from so many people how well she was doing and what a great job we are doing as parents!

Calleigh spent most of her night's at Lana's house in her own little room and a few nights with Nannan and Grandad. She loved spending time with Auntie Lana, who took the week off to spend time with her. Whilst we were then Lana and Mike also acquired a little baby of their own, Shadow- a six week old puppy. Calleigh has never been too fond of dogs and was very cautious around Shadow and quite often would ask for someone to take her away. I think being a jumpy, excited puppy scared her a little bit, she was very playful. But there were times when Calleigh was happy to play with Shadow and throw the ball for her. 

Lana and Mike also took Calleigh to the farm one day whilst I went shopping with my Mum. She had a great time and Lana came home with a funny video of some noisy goats which Calleigh did not like- she doesn't like noisy things!

One of the best things about going home when we did was that we got to meet our nephew and Calleigh's cousin, Benjamin and be there for his Christening! Calleigh loved seeing baby Benjamin and was very sweet to him and gave him kisses. Although she did point out that his was drooling- that's a lot coming from someone who has just started picking their nose!
After the Christening Calleigh spent the night with Nannan and Grandad, she always loves staying there and comes back saying the strangest things. This time it was that she needs to stretch her ears just like Grandad! 

I was also very happy to spend some time with my Dad and Calleigh's Grandpops! She loved having fun with him and it was really nice to have some quality time with him.

And we also got to spend some quality time with Great Nanna too!

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